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Usage of hydesk

Can I travel with hydesk?

Yes. Thanks to its light weight and thin profile, hydesk is more than suitable for travelling. You can easily fit it into an ordinary backpack like a laptop.

How does hydesk work?

hydesk works very simply thanks to its smart, simplistic design, providing a range of height from 14 all the way up to 35cm and can be stored almost anywhere because it’s thin as a laptop.

To get your hydesk ready, you just have to open it up and fix the height of the hydesk by the innovative cord-stopper, allowing for a dead easy set-up under 5 seconds.

Is it safe to eat on hydesk?

Yes, using hydesk as a dining table is considered safe. However, be aware that we won’t be responsible for any stains on your hydesk if you decide to use it for dining purposes. ;)

How high should my hydesk be?

When working on a laptop while standing, it’s recommended that you adjust the height of your hydesk to the extent that your elbows are at about 90° to your torso when you interact with the device.

When sitting at a desk and using your hydesk for elevating your monitor, you should aim to have the monitor at your eyes’ level.

Where to store hydesk?

You can store your hydesk nearly anywhere thanks to its thin profile. For example, you can store it in a drawer or on a bookshelf.

How and where to use hydesk?

hydesk has been designed as a highly mobile, adjustable and ergonomic standing desk which can be used almost anywhere.

For working standing up, put it onto a regular table, desk or kitchen worktop and enjoy the benefits of standing.

You can also use hydesk to prop up your laptop or monitor so you can finally maintain correct posture when sitting. Or use it as a laptop stand for watching films, for instance, in bed.

There are no limitations, though. One of our customers has taken his hydesk to the beach, for example.

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