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Sign up for our hy-beta program:

Thanks for signing up for our beta testers program, we'll send you an email shortly!

Beta test our upcoming products!

We strive to deliver only the best products to our valued customers, that's why we always test an upcoming product with a small, important group of people that rigorously test the product in real-world scenarios.


If you want to become one of those testers, feel free to sign up for the program down below, we appreciate your interest. 

How it works:

  1. You sign up for the program.

  2. We will send you information via email on our upcoming product and will ask you again if you want to participate in the testing phase.

  3. You will receive a tester's prototype of the product.

  4. We will conduct an in-depth feedback session.

  5. You can keep the prototype forever and enjoy using it!

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