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Boost your employees’ performance with hydesk, a mobile and ergonomic standing desk.
A male carrying hydesk in an office

Especially in the home office, it's often the case that you sit down at your desk in the morning and don't get up again until the evening. Sitting is the new smoking - and with hydesk I can stand comfortably at any desk. It's compact, looks good and most importantly - it works really well!

Ulf Loetschert

Co-Founder and CEO of LoyJoy Conversational Cloud

The Promise

hydesk will reduce the sitting time of your employees and therefore increase their creativity, well-being and productivity no matter whether at home or in the office. 

Expect to see a boost in your business performance as a result!

Introduce more flexibility into your company

Your employees can use hydesk to work standing up or to prop up their laptops for optimal viewing height when sitting. hydesk allows for such flexibility as it is height-adjustable from 14 to 35 cm.

hydesk as a laptop stand with a laptop on top and an external keyboard and mouse at the forefront
Enable your employees to lead a healthy lifestyle

hydesk will reduce the sitting time of your employees and increase their creativity, productivity and well-being. No more neck and back pain from endless sitting! 

A male using hydesk as a laptop stand in an office
Keep your offices clean and stylish

You can store hydesk anywhere in the office, such as in a drawer or on a shelf thanks to its foldability, light weight and thin profile.

hydesk being inserted into a backpack
A hydesk team member discussing production with our producer in a warehouse
Support the planet & German craftsmanship

hydesk is made from 100% recyclable materials, including bamboo, one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. What’s more, it’s crafted by a family business in Germany.

Be sure to add these options:

A close-up of hydesk with a focus on the logo
Add your branding

As a business, you can have your logo printed onto your hydesks for more personalisation. Include “Add Branding” when making an order to select this service.

hydesk lying on a worktop in our social fulfilment centre
Have your hydesks pre-assembled by social workshop heroes

Not only will your hydesks arrive assembled if you choose this option, but you will also provide the workers in our social fulfillment centre with meaningful work. Include “Pre-Assembly” when making an order to support our workshop heroes.

We at leanovate think that the future of work should be healthy - and sustainable. That's why we supported hydesk on Kickstarter. Whether it's during our gymnastic daily or a video meeting, hydesk folds up small and is of great help to us.

Susanne Walter

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