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Features of hydesk

How heavy is hydesk?

We’ve designed hydesk to be a mobile standing desk, which is why it weighs only 1,4 kg. As a result, it’s very easy to transport and store anywhere at home or in the office.

What material is hydesk made of?

hydesk is made mainly of bamboo, one of the fastest-growing renewable resources on the planet, which in fact benefits from sustainable harvest and absorbs CO2 in large quantities. The cord is made of recycled plastic, while the metal parts are made of stainless steel, which can be infinitely recycled.The materials aren’t treated with harmful chemicals, nor are they irreversibly bonded together. Therefore, the materials can easily be disassembled and recycled or composted at the end of their life cycle.

Our ecological values translate to our packaging as well, which is completely eco-friendly. It’s made of recycled cardboard and has been designed to minimise the space it takes during shipping.

Where are hydesks manufactured and distributed?

We’re proud to say that our hydesks are manufactured in Germany by a family-owned business and distributed by a social fulfilment centre also in Germany, both of whom we know personally.

Working in close collaboration with specialised artisans, we’re able to combine traditional methods of production with high-tech manufacturing and provide disabled people with meaningful work.

How big is hydesk?

hydesk’s dimensions are:

Size: 42x27cm

Thickness: 1,7cm 

Weight: 1,5kg

Since hydesk is very light and thin in profile when folded, it fits into a regular backpack and can therefore be transported very conveniently.

How much weight can hydesk hold?

hydesk can hold up to 10 kg, so even if you place a large monitor on it, it will do its job.

What colours can I get hydesk in?

At the moment, you can choose from a natural and caramel colour here.

Can tall people use hydesk too?

Yes, anyone can use hydesk comfortably when working standing up. The comfort of using hydesk for this purpose will depend on the height of the table you are planning to place your hydesk on. However, a regular desk will be sufficiently high for most hydesk users.

To check if your desk will be high enough in order for you to work comfortably with a hydesk on, measure the height of the desk and add 35 cm to see where the top plate of hydesk would be at the maximum height.

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