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Fully Recyclable

hydesk is made from 100% recyclable or compostable materials, including bamboo, one of the fastest-growing renewable resources in the world. Say no to more plastic in the oceans and choose hydesk instead!

Take It with You

hydesk weighs only 1.4 kg, just as much as a modern laptop. This means you can move it around effortlessly and take it with you to a coworking space, office, coffee shop or anywhere else really!

Height Adjustable

Thanks to its height-adjustability of 14 - 35 cm, you can work completely ergonomically standing up. Be ready to experience greater well-being and creativity that come with using a standing desk! 

Fits Anywhere

As hydesk is fully foldable, it fits almost anywhere. You can easily store it in your drawer or on a shelf when you aren't using it. In other words, a perfect standing desk for people with little free space! 

hydesk in caramel colour
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