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Get to Know Us

After spending several years traveling and consulting clients while sitting at uncomfortable desks or working long hours at home at the dining table, we realised there was a challenge we have to address. From the initial idea to the Kickstarter launch it has taken us 2 years - packed with user interviews, material research, supplier screenings and prototype assembly.

A hydesk team member, Daniel, discussing the production method with our manufacturer
Daniel, a hydesk designer, discussing production of hydesk with our manufacturer
hydesk in our social fulfilment centre

Our Story

Since the beginning of 2019 we, Finian - a passionate urban biker and social entrepreneur at heart - and Daniel - an industrial designer with a passion for sustainable products design - are collaborating to create a sustainable and portable standing desk solution. 

We spend on average 6 hours per day sitting at our desks. Especially during home-office times, people lack physical activity - resulting in all sorts of health issues. 

With hydesk we are helping you to reach your daily activity goal by offering a flexible stand-up desk solution. We’ve even designed it to fit into your backpack, suitcase or home office drawer.

Finian Carey
Finian, Co-Founder of hydesk, posing for a photo

At hydesk, Finian keeps the operations rolling, juggling fulfillment requests while running growth experiments to enable more customers to reduce their sitting time and stimulate creativity and well-being. That's what keeps him up at night.

Co-Founder / Business Development & Marketing
Daniel Brunsteiner
Daniel, Co-Founder of hydesk, holding a hydesk while posing

Daniel is responsible for everything that needs to happen in order to get hydesk to look and work the way it does. From the first sketches and ideas to the finished prototype and production piece.

Co-Founder / Design and Product Development
René Tinz
Rene, Entrepreneur in Residence posing with a hydesk for a photo

René’s job is to provide customer support and assist Finian and Daniel in building and growing hydesk so we can introduce more flexibility to the lives of as many people as possible.

Entrepreneur-In-Residence / Business Development & Marketing
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