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hydesk Partners with Boho Office to Scale Production and Reach More Customers Internationally

hydesk, a company that designs and manufactures ergonomic standing desks for remote workers, has announced a partnership with Boho Office, a leading office furniture manufacturer. The agreement marks a new chapter for hydesk, with the brand evolving into hydesk by boho office. This exciting alliance will allow hydesk to scale production of its popular standing desks and reach more customers internationally.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Boho Office to bring hydesk by boho office to a European audience,” said Finian Carey, co-founder of hydesk. “Boho Office’s reputation for quality and sustainability perfectly aligns with our vision, and together we can empower even more remote workers to create healthy and productive workspaces.”

The hydesk by boho office standing desk remains a portable and adjustable desk designed to improve posture, reduce back pain, and increase productivity for remote workers. Crafted with sustainable materials, the desk prioritizes ease of assembly and use.

“We’re constantly seeking innovative products that enhance well-being in the workspace,” said Gregor Hoffmann, managing director of Boho Office. “The hydesk by boho office standing desk seamlessly integrates with our existing product line, and we’re confident our customers will find immense value in it.”

This partnership signifies a significant step forward for hydesk. By leveraging Boho Office’s manufacturing expertise and extensive global network, hydesk by boho office will be accessible to a wider audience, making a positive impact on the lives of more remote workers around the world.

About hydesk by boho office

hydesk by boho office designs ergonomic standing desks tailored for remote workers. Established in 2019 by Finian Carey and Daniel Brunsteiner, both passionate about fostering healthy and productive work environments, hydesk by boho office prioritizes sustainable materials and practices. 

About Boho Office

Boho Office, a leading office furniture manufacturer, designs and produces high-quality, sustainable products. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Rietberg, Germany, Boho Office boasts a presence in over 20 countries worldwide.


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