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  • What is a standing desk good for?
    A standing desk enables you to stand while working and therefore helps reduce the amount of time spent sitting on a daily basis. The use of a standing desk, due to a decrease in the sitting time, has been proved to help reduce chronic shoulder and back pain (Harvard Medical School), lower blood sugar (Luminohealth) and decrease the risk of heart disease (Harvard Medical School). Also, it’s been shown that the use of a standing desk leads to increased well-being (BMJ 2018), which is no surprise as health and well-being go hand in hand.
  • Do standing desks really work?
    Yes, many studies have shown that the use of a standing desk when working has a large number of health and well-being benefits (Harvard Medical School, Luminohealth, healthline). Their use appears to help mitigate blood sugar rises, decrease the risk of heart disease and reduce chronic shoulder and back pain, as well as improve mood and energy levels.
  • Will a standing desk help me lose weight?
    As of now, it seems standing while working won’t help with weight loss on its own (MedicalNewsToday). However, standing desks have been proven to help with other health issues such as blood sugar spikes, back pain and heart diseases (Harvard Medical School).
  • Will a standing desk help with neck pain?
    Yes, the right use of a standing desk can certainly aid with the reduction of neck pain. However, it’s also important to ensure enough physical activity throughout the day, which will help reduce regular neck pain completely (Baudry Therapy Centre).
  • Can a standing desk cause back pain?
    If you aren’t used to standing much when working, a rapid change from sitting to standing can lead to new issues, including back pain (Harvard Medical School). Poor posture when using a standing desk can also lead to additional back pain. Therefore, it’s recommended to increase the standing time incrementally until it makes up about 25% - 50% of the total standing/sitting time (Harvard Medical School) and maintain a good posture while standing to receive all the benefits that come with the use of a standing desk.
  • Will the use of a standing desks increase my well-being?
    Yes, the use of a standing desk has been shown to improve one’s well-being (flexispot, BMJ 2018). Since health and well-being are closely linked to each other, improvements in health thanks to less sitting lead to improved well-being in the case of using a standing desk.
  • How long should you stand at your standing desk?
    Unless you’re used to standing a lot, it’s advised that you begin with short standing intervals ranging from 10 - 15 minutes and work your way up to longer periods of time if suitable (Luminohealth). Occasionally lifting a leg and moving your body to a small extent can help extend the duration for which you will be able to stand comfortably ( However, it’s advised that you don’t stand for too long as it can lead to back pain and other similar issues. Ratios of 1:1 and 2:1 of sitting and standing are generally recommended as the most appropriate solution to improving and maintaining one’s health in an office job (ergonofis).
  • When to use a standing desk?
    You can use a standing desk anytime you want. However, it’s recommended that you change to a different position than standing every 20 minutes or so (Startstanding).
  • What material should a standing desk be made of?
    Standing desks can be made of any suitable material such as wood, bamboo, plastic or metal. However, we at hydesk care about our environment, which is why we make our standing desks from bamboo as using bamboo for such a purpose is one of the most sustainable solutions.
  • How heavy is hydesk?
    We’ve designed hydesk to be a mobile standing desk, which is why it weighs only 1,4 kg. As a result, it’s very easy to transport and store anywhere at home or in the office.
  • What material is hydesk made of?
    hydesk is made mainly of bamboo, one of the fastest-growing renewable resources on the planet, which in fact benefits from sustainable harvest and absorbs CO2 in large quantities. The cord is made of recycled plastic, while the metal parts are made of stainless steel, which can be infinitely recycled. The materials aren’t treated with harmful chemicals, nor are they irreversibly bonded together. Therefore, the materials can easily be disassembled and recycled or composted at the end of their life cycle. Our ecological values translate to our packaging as well, which is completely eco-friendly. It’s made of recycled cardboard and has been designed to minimise the space it takes during shipping.
  • Where are hydesks manufactured and distributed?
    We’re proud to say that our hydesks are manufactured in Germany by a family-owned business and distributed by a social fulfilment centre also in Germany, both of whom we know personally. Working in close collaboration with specialised artisans, we’re able to combine traditional methods of production with high-tech manufacturing and provide disabled people with meaningful work.
  • How big is hydesk?
    hydesk’s dimensions are: Size: 42x27cm Thickness: 1,7cm Weight: 1,5kg Since hydesk is very light and thin in profile when folded, it fits into a regular backpack and can therefore be transported very conveniently.
  • How much weight can hydesk hold?
    hydesk can hold up to 10 kg, so even if you place a large monitor on it, it will do its job.
  • What colours can I get hydesk in?
    At the moment, you can choose from a natural and caramel colour here.
  • Can tall people use hydesk too?
    Yes, anyone can use hydesk comfortably when working standing up. The comfort of using hydesk for this purpose will depend on the height of the table you are planning to place your hydesk on. However, a regular desk will be sufficiently high for most hydesk users. To check if your desk will be high enough in order for you to work comfortably with a hydesk on, measure the height of the desk and add 35cm to see where the top plate of hydesk would be at the maximum height.
  • Can I travel with hydesk?
    Yes. Thanks to its light weight and thin profile, hydesk is more than suitable for travelling. You can easily fit it into an ordinary backpack like a laptop.
  • How does hydesk work?
    hydesk works very simply thanks to its smart, simplistic design, providing a range of height from 14 all the way up to 35cm and can be stored almost anywhere because it’s thin as a laptop. To get your hydesk ready, you just have to open it up and fix the height of the hydesk by the innovative cord-stopper, allowing for a dead easy set-up under 5 seconds.
  • Is it safe to eat on hydesk?
    Yes, using hydesk as a dining table is considered safe. However, be aware that we won’t be responsible for any stains on your hydesk if you decide to use it for dining purposes. ;)
  • How high should my hydesk be?
    When working on a laptop while standing, it’s recommended that you adjust the height of your hydesk to the extent that your elbows are at about 90° to your torso when you interact with the device. When sitting at a desk and using your hydesk for elevating your monitor, you should aim to have the monitor at your eyes’ level.
  • Where to store hydesk?
    You can store your hydesk nearly anywhere thanks to its thin profile. For example, you can store it in a drawer or on a bookshelf.
  • How and where to use hydesk?
    hydesk has been designed as a highly mobile, adjustable and ergonomic standing desk which can be used almost anywhere. For working standing up, put it onto a regular table, desk or kitchen worktop and enjoy the benefits of standing. You can also use hydesk to prop up your laptop or monitor so you can finally maintain correct posture when sitting. Or use it as a laptop stand for watching films, for instance, in bed. There are no limitations, though. One of our customers has taken his hydesk to the beach, for example.
  • Will the hydesk be assembled already when delivered?
    You can purchase pre-assembly at the check-out, in which case your hydesk will arrive assembled by one of our social workshop heroes, or if you decide not to use this option, you will be able to assemble the hydesk yourself. If you decide to assemble your hydesk yourself, you can access our assembly guide here: Assembly.
  • How should I assemble my hydesk?
    We’ve created a video guide which explains how to assemble a hydesk. The video can be accessed here: Assembly.
  • Where can I order spare parts if I need any?
    If you need any spare parts, contact us at, and we will ensure you get any spare parts you need.
  • Will I need my own equipment for the assembly?
    No, the assembly is very easy and requires only two Allen keys, which are provided in the package with your hydesk.
  • How long does it take to assemble hydesk?
    Based on our early customers' experience, it takes about 10 - 15 minutes to assemble hydesk. You may try and beat the record of the full assembly in less than 3 minutes ;) We’ve created a video guide which explains how to assemble it. The video can be accessed here: Assembly.
  • How long is the warranty on the hydesk?
    As usual in the EU, the hydesk has a two-year warranty.
  • How fast will my order be delivered?
    To ensure high quality of each hydesk we decided to produce them in small batches. This approach allows our artisan partners to assemble each item carefully without creating large amounts of waste. The expected delivery time for the current batch is stated in the shopping cart.
  • What service is used for deliveries?
    We are using the premium DHL GoGreen service to deliver hydesks to our customers because we want to have the least carbon footprint and deliver our orders in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • Can I return my hydesk and get a refund? Will I have to pay for shipping?
    Yes, you can return your hydesk and get a refund if necessary. Situation 1: If there’s an issue with your hydesk, contact us at and share your experience. If in line with our Terms and Conditions, we will send you a prepaid return label, which you should attach onto the package in which you will be sending the hydesk and you will receive a refund. Situation 2: If there’s nothing wrong with your hydesk in terms of product quality and/or colour, but you don’t want to keep it or pass it onto someone else anyway, you can still withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving it and get a full refund without stating any reason. In this case, however, you will have to manage the whole shipping process and cover the cost of shipping yourself. This policy has been set in place to minimise unnecessary returns, which in turn helps mitigate our carbon footprint. To exercise your right of contract withdrawal, send us an email to, stating that you would like to withdraw from the contract. Please include your invoice, which you were sent after your order. Notes: You aren’t required to send us your hydesk in the original packaging, although it would be ideal. If you decide not to send your hydesk in the original packaging, please make sure that the packaging in which you will be sending the hydesk is appropriate for such a product. Instructions on how to pack a parcel can be found here in English and here in German. The right of withdrawal does not apply to consumers who do not belong to any member state of the European Union at the time the contract is concluded and whose sole residence and delivery address are outside the European Union at the time the contract is concluded.
  • How do I contact customer support of
    You can reach our customer support at if you have a question or want to share your thoughts on hydesk with us.
  • How do I contact hydesk if I am a business or a media organisation?
    For business and media related questions and queries, contact us at
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